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DISCOVER OverStitch Sx™


DISCOVER OverStitch™

Full Thickness

Curved needle design allows for controlled depth of suture placement and enables the placement of durable full-thickness stitches.

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What Is OverStitch?

An Endolumenal Option for Less Invasive Therapy

The OverStitch™ Endoscopic Suturing System enables advanced endoscopic procedures by allowing physicians to place full thickness sutures through a flexible endoscope. With this new technology, you can provide secure approximation of tissue endoscopically. The OverStitch™ System is enabling a wide range of less invasive solutions for your patients.

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OverStitch™    OverStitch Sx™

full-thickness sutures

Full-thickness Sutures


Customized Suture Patterns

Customized Suture Patterns



stomach suture applicaitons

Broad Range of Applications

How It Works

OverStitch Endoscopic Suturing Overview

The technology and design behind this revolutionary suturing system is what makes it a top choice for physicians across the world.


Deploy both running and interrupted stitches allows the device to help treat a wide range of indications.

Capture Tissue

Curved needle design allows for controlled depth of suture placement and enables the placement of durable full thickness stitches.

Interprocedural Reloading

Deploying and reloading sutures while maintaining direct visualization of the operative site allows for better control and helps minimize scope insertions/removals.


The knotless fixation design provides fast, secure closure without the need to tie complex surgical knots.

Endolumenal Procedures

OverStitch™ supports procedures that depend on closure, apposition, or hemostasis of soft tissue in the upper and lower GI tract. OverStitch procedures include traditional GI applications such as fistula closure, endoscopic submucosal dissections (ESDs), endoscopic mucosal resections (EMRs), and peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) procedures. Physicians are also reporting that OverStitch may facilitate new and emerging endoscopic applications.

Customized Suture Patterns
Fistula Closure
Customized Suture Patterns
Large Area Tissue Approximation
Educational Resources

State-of-the-art Training That Comes to You

Join us to learn more about the OverStitch™ Endoscopic Suturing System. Take advantage of our Medical Education Programs including,

  • Proctoring and Preceptorship Programs
  • Hands-On Experience hosted locally, at tradeshows & events
  • Faculty led introductory and Advanced Courses




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